Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Etsy Sale & "Friends of Nicholas"

WVU wrist wallet with pocket

Southwest laptop messenger bag with pockets  

pink ribbon bag
safari animals toddler apron
cupcake child's apron 

WVU wallet with inside pocket
WVU wallet with inside pocket

 I have been at Martinsburg Mall the last 4 weekends, and unfortunately , not done as well as  I had hoped.  I've had a few orders as well, Redskins wallets, Dora pillows, etc, but also had some a little unusual, like Dallas Cowboy tooth fairy pillows, & Transformer tooth fairy pillows.  I am located under a tree, which is fine, except for the raining leaves falling on my head and  it also gets dark late in the afternoon, since I am also under the skylight.   Other than the tree, its in a good location in the mall, and I have electricity! I even got one of the vendors next to me to go buy me a light with a clip & clipped it to the tree & it helps even in the daylight.  Last weekend, while I was there it was slow, I took my sewing machine & I made 3 totes & a couple of large pink ribbon wallets!

 I am hoping sales will pick up because I want to be able to send a nice check to " Friends of Nicholas", the fund for my 11 year old cousin Nicholas, who has aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder, that affects red & white blood cells & platelets.  Ten percent of all sales at Holiday Blitz are being sent to " Friends of Nicholas".  Nicholas needs a handicapped van & a service dog for when he goes home and will also need other medical supplies as well.  He's been in the hospital and/or rehab.  since February, and has lots of complications, and even had a bone marrow transplant.  He was supposed  to go home the day before Thanksgiving, but wasn't able to.  Now, he's just hoping to get home for Christmas.  He is one unique kid, and has stayed positive most of the time, and his faith is amazing! He knows God has miraculously healed him several times, and give Him the glory!   To find out more about Nicholas:

  In  order to boost my sales, I am trying adding coupons to my Etsy store each week.  There is also Free Shipping on most items except pillows.  You can see a few of my Etsy items above, #Southwest laptop bag,  #pink ribbon bag, #toddler aprons, etc.  I have lots more bags, & toddler aprons, Mother/toddler matching aprons, in my Etsy store.  I have a 10% off Sale on everything in my Etsy shop through today, December 7.  Starting December 8, I will have a 25% off sale on items over $20!    If interested in the WVU wallets, please contact me. The wallets are $8, and the wrist wallet is $10.  I am not placing them in Etsy store just yet, since I have the next two weekends at the mall again.

I also have several items on my web site for sale:   Becky's Pillow Shop

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My 11 Year Old Super Hero

 "Star War, and Batman, James Bond & Minions"   Justice League, Thor, Telling Jokes,  piano & Singing", "Spending time with Owen, Mom and Dad & Byla  "These are a few of his favorite things!"  

(Remember  My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music??)

(Byla is his pet name for his grandma!)

Nicholas is my 11 year old cousin who is my " Super Hero" because he has been so brave and courageous, after all he has been through.  He has been in the hospital since February after he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. This is a rare blood disorder that affects red & white blood cells, and blood platelets. Another term for it is bone marrow failure.  As a result of his diagnoses he has had 2 cranial bleeds, and he was in a coma for 3 weeks after the first one.  Doctors didn't give much hope,  but God worked a miracle and his life was spared. After the 2nd which was inoperable, again doctors again gave little or no hope,  but God. . .   performed yet another miracle. As a result his motor skills were affected, so he was sent to a rehab hospital in Charlotte, NC- 1.5 hours away from home.   Since he has been in rehab, he has made a lot of progress, yet his left side isn't moving much.  He has had a lot of set backs, and had to go to the medical wing several times.  Yet, Nicholas has become so brave and remained positive through it all. (Notice the picture with his thumbs up!)  Another cousin went to visit him once, after he'd been very ill and asked him how he was doing.  He said, "I'm doing good, but I'm getting better. I wasn't feeling too well on Friday though."  His grandma Byla told me once he was receiving a very painful injection, and he started singing Oh Glorious Day, and his Mom joined him in the singing.   If you notice in the logo at the top, it has 413 in the middle which is for Philippians 4:13, " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." This is his moto! Unfortunately, because the logo was going in the schools, they couldn't put the Philippians on there. Nicholas wasn't too happy about it. He worked very hard in Rehab. despite the terrible pain he had to endure.   What an amazing kid!  I am so proud of him, and that's why he's the super hero.  I know his parents & grandma are also. My late husband , Charles would have been also- they were buddies!
     While in Levine Children's Hospital, he got to meet Ryan Seacrest, and he and his dad performed the " Nicholas & Daddy Comedy Show" on the new  Ryan Seacrest radio station there at the hospital. (The  " Ryan Seacrest " foundation focuses on kids education & entertainment.)  Nicholas memorized the jokes in order, but Daddy needed cue cards! Fortunately, the brain injuries didn't affect his memory or cognitive ability!
     Unfortunately, after a couple months in rehab, doctors determined that the treatments for aplastic anemia weren't working, and he needed a bone marrow transplant. This was delayed a few times because of different complications & set backs in his condition.  In September, Nicholas had 7 days of chemo-therapy prior to the transplant in which his Dad was the donor.  He lost all his blond curls which was not expected, and was very hard on Nicholas.  See the picture of his Dad who shaved his head and joined " Team Nicholas".  He was also joined by his Uncle Andy, & cousin Scott who also shaved their heads.  ( Although my cousin Andy, didn't have much up there to start with! LOL!)   His Mom who had very long curly hair got hers cut real short! He got very sick from the chemo, after the transplant, and that delayed his goal of going home by his birthday on Nov. 1.   He was very upset and mad that he couldn't  be at home for  his birthday, so they asked everyone to send cards, whether you knew him or not.  I think he got 600+ cards, and then the best part is that he was able to go back to rehab the day before his birthday- on Halloween! You can see him in his "Thor" costume. They said he had a great birthday on Nov. 1st, and some family members who live over an hour away came to see him.

Because of all that Nicholas has been through, he will have to have a handicapped van when he goes home, and also needs a service dog.   Therefore, a fund " Friends of Nicholas" has been set up for them to purchase these items, and any long term medical expenses that he will have when he goes home.   I have decided to give 10% of all my sales from the "Holiday Blitz " to "Friends of Nicholas".  To read more about Nicholas and his progress, see other fund raisers, you can go to   ( I will be at Martinsburg Mall for Holiday Blitz most weekends between now & Christmas, and you can find me in the middle of the mall near Kay's Jewelry &  " under the tree" - LOL!)
  Below are pictures of Nicholas playing piano,  sleigh riding with Grandma Byla, with his Dad, Mom & grandma, and best friend Owen!   (Notice the " Star Wars" pillow case I made him.)


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cataracts, Skull Bags, & A 90 Year Old Assailant?


This has been an entertaining  week already and it's only Tuesday!  I started out on Sunday afternoon after church I went to the mall for the 2nd day of Holiday Blitz  vendor event.  It was very slow, but I had 2 friends to come by to visit for a while.  One of them had her 3 year old grandson with her and we got him to play ball with another vendor's little girl.  SO CUTE!  
    Now that the first weekend of Holiday Blitz is over, I have to start working on my Lion's Lair order that needs to be there before Thanksgiving.  My biggest project is the " Skull Messenger bags " that I made once before and she sold all 3 of them within less than 2 weeks! ( The first bag she sold to a screenwriter who works in the film business in Hollywood!)  So, Monday morning, I started cutting them out- I have 4 so far, and might make more if I have the time! You can see 2 of the bags I made before, the ones I am making now are similar, but not exactly the same fabrics & styles.
    Yesterday I had to take my Mom to the eye doctor to see about having cataract surgery.    She had been a few weeks ago and seen another doctor, and said she really didn't like him and she wanted her regular doctor to to the surgery.  It was a long process of WAITING ! One room for the glaucoma test, another for the eye chart test, then to another " waiting room" before you get to another  room to see the doctor, and then when you get into the room you  " wait" for the doctor to come into the room.  When the doctor came in, my Mom, said, " you look familiar", bless her heart, her memory isn't what it used to be.  "Mom this is Dr. Promersberger who you wanted to come and see."   Of course it will still be another month before she can actually  have the surgery.
     Today, I had to go see my Dad in Hagerstown, who lives in an assisted living facility. We were visiting in a small living area, and there was an old woman standing in the doorway staring at me.  I just kept talking to my Dad, and kind of ignored her.  But, then she looked at me and very loudly said, " What are you doing?"
Me:  Talking to my dad.
Lady:  He's not your Dad!
Me :  yes , he is
Lady:  No, he's not.  I am your Mom!
Me:  No, I've never seen you before.
Lady:  You're a liar,
Lady to my Dad:  How old were you when you "adopted" her?
Me:  He's my biological Dad.
Lady asked my Dad same question again, and my Dad who's hearing isn't very good said,  "  I'm 87 years old and this is my daughter and she's _2 "   (   Sorry, not telling you my age, if you don't already know!  LOL!  )
 At this point, I got up to go find someone to get her out of there, and  when I started to walk past her in the doorway, and she pushed me back!!  My Dad got really mad, and said, "That's my daughter , you leave her alone!  That's the first time in years I've seen my Dad get angry because he was " defending" me! Usually he's mad AT me!  Anyway, the owner and her aides came to our rescue right away and got her out of there, and we got a good laugh!  The owner said she had been waiting on her family and she has dementia, and was confused.  She had just had her 90th birthday recently.  So I almost got assaulted by a 90 year woman !   My Dad was still upset with her after she left, and I just said "Daddy, don't worry about it, it's ok.  She is ( & I circled my hand around my ear, meaning she's "not all there" LOL) .  ( I have seen my Dad do that many times before, so I knew he would understand that terminology and he would calm down.)  So, needless to say we had a good laugh out of it.  I was still laughing while driving across town to JoAnn's where I had a long list of things to buy for requests for custom orders!
      Becky's Pillow Shop will be at the Martinsburg Mall most weekends between now & Christmas on Saturday and Sunday afternoons!   10 % of all my Proceeds will go to " Friends of Nicholas" to help purchase a handicapped van and a service dog when he goes home from the hospital .  Nicholas is my cousin who has aplastic anemia, and has had many setbacks and been through much more than any 11 year old boy should have to endure, but he is still with us and we have seen God perform many miracles in the past 9 months.  To find out more about Nicholas' very long  journey you can read about Nicholas Thornton on the special facebook page created just for him.   And Yes, he got to meet Ryan Seacrest in person, but I will tell you more Nicholas in my next blog!


Monday, November 4, 2013

A Painful Malady, The Sewing Recluse, & A Car Show

I haven't blogged in a while and for good reason.  I have been locked up in my house for 11 days, like a hermit, a recluse, going out  only to get groceries.   You see I have been very busy sewing, but not as much as I wanted to because my body was saying NO! Stop!  I have had the dreaded painful virus that is almost debilitating, and feels like "piercing needles of the skin"!! No Fun! I haven't been out because I knew it could be contagious,plus I did't feel like it anyway.    Most of this pain was either on my side or on my back and shooting down into my left leg all the way to my knee.  Back pain is not new to me as I have had my share, but this was something different!  It was very painful, and the only thing to relieve it  was an ice pack! Fortunately, I was able to find an e-book online on how to cure it in 3 days. I was a little bit hesitant, but so glad I purchased it as it is  working.  Lots of bath soaking, (20 minutes each time & 3 times  a day), and I feel like I'm am turning into a prune. Ha  ha ! Soaking in apple cider vinegar, baking soda, & an herb called neems. Who knew? Something as common as apple cider vinegar ( Braggs raw organic) or baking soda (organic without aluminum) would help cure it??  I am just finishing the 3rd day,  not 100 % but, am feeling much better! Anyway, when I was feeling up to it, I was sewing aprons, adult and toddler to  match aprons, children's aprons, bags, & more bags. I've been getting ready for the Holiday Blitz at the Martinsburg Mall that starts this Saturday.  There will also be a car show going on at the mall as well, so  it's going to be crowded for the vendors.  This weekend I will focus on " men's" items, and  will have 1 " Classic cars" pillow,  and a tote bag to match & carry it in! See photos.  I also will have NFL team pillows, such as Redskins, Ravens, Cowboys, & Steelers.  I am planning to be there all day Saturday & Sunday afternoon, as long as I'm  feeling  up to it, so come check it out.  This is only the 1st weekend of the Holiday Blitz.  It will be most every weekend , Fri- Sunday, through Christmas. I plan to be there as much as possible. 

To see my newest aprons and bags, go to 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

BEST Rainy Vendor Event Ever!


This past weekend I had a " new" experience to say the least.   I was a vendor at the Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs, WV.  First of all, I had never done an event that big before. There were lots of people despite the rain.  Most of my vendor experience leaves a lot to be desired. They  comprise of a pretty good number of vendors, but not well attended.   Also, many times I am having to compete with home based businesses that are well known & not hand made.  I have  also had lots of  " incidents" at these events, some of which were not too good!  I have lost 2 tents to the wind within a year, and  I have sat there all day sold 1 or 2 items.  At one of my very events, I had to replace my front car door  because I had to back my car up a very long distance, was watching all the cars parked on my right,  and didn't see the truck bed sticking out on my left. Ugh!   Needless, to say I lost a lot of money that day because of the big deductible I paid for a new door!

This weekend, however, was also different because it was raining!    I have never even bothered doing an outside event when it's raining, but I had been working so hard the past week, & I was so excited and wasn't going to let it scare me away.  I just found out about a week before when the owner of Lion's Lair  asked me to set up in front of her store.  The first day was not too bad as far as the rain, but by Sunday, trying to keep things dry left a lot to be desired.  Despite the rain, it was a great experience and I made more money in 2 days than ever before.  I sold lots of tooth fairy pillows,  football team pillows, & other things.  One lady asked me to get a bag down for her that she wanted, it was the purple " skull" drawstring bag I had made.  She didn't really look like the type who really loved skulls, but she wanted that bag.  The next day she returned and said she wanted another bag ( aqua with  flower & giraffe print trim) and asked, Do you have any more bags?? I love bags! I collect bags!"    A young man was with her and he said, " this lady loves bags, she has a whole closet full of bags!"  It was then I realized she was special needs,  I said, "is this your brother?", and she said, " no ,  my nephew".  So I said ,"I  made a lot of the bags  for  Lion's Lair so I sent them into the store.  I had just filled an order for aprons & bags for Lion's Lair last week, and within a week  she  had sold  2 of my 3  "Skull" messenger bags, 3 aprons, 2 place mats, & another bag. She said I was the seller of the week of all her handmade vendors. Whoo Hoo!   The Apple Butter Festival  was a great experience, and I would love to do it again next year. I am now ready to start preparing for the Christmas season.  My next big event is at the Martinsburg Mall for the Holiday Blitz. .  I will be there most weekends in Nov. & Dec. starting Nov. 8 on Fri., Sat, & Sunday, along with a lot of other vendors.  I also have to make some more messenger bags & aprons for Lion's Lair for the season.

Becky's Pillow Shop

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Becky's Pillow Shop will be a vendor at the Apple Butter Festival this weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV!  It is Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 5pm.   I will be located in front of Lion's Lair right on Washington St.  It is on the 2nd block north of Fairfax Street (center of town) .  I just found out last week so don't have time for a longer creative blog, very busy trying to prepare!   Come on out to the festival & enjoy some good music, games, and lots of activities.  Come visit me in front of Lion's Lair.   I have lots of pillows, including NFL teams,  pillow sets, tooth fair pillows, & aprons, bags, new SKULL wristlets, and a lot more of my items are located in the store -Lion's Lair .  Also to see more of my items, go to Becky's Pillow Shop.  Hope to see you at the festival!

Becky Wiggins

Friday, September 20, 2013

Organized Clearance

Fall is almost here, and it's time to get geared up for the busiest season of the year for me.  I haven't done many vendor events this summer, so  I have many of my handmade items in  my guest room & it  is busting at the seams with pillows & bags!   I have no where to put new things!  So what to do, hmm, I think it's time for a Big Clearance Sale on pillows, & while I'm at it I will add some bags as well!  I have great prices on all  pillows - They are all from $2.00- $5.00, no pillow over $5.00!! Also  bags range from $3- $10!  Great Deals!!   To see my sale items you can go to my website at: 
All of the sale items are on this link.  

I also have so many new things to make by October 1st for Lion's Lair, and lots of other items for Christmas Holiday Blitz at the mall.  Recently,  I have gotten some great deals on fabric and now my fabric baskets are overflowing .   I began to realize that  my so called "organized"   sewing room was now a " chaotic" mess.      How can I even begin to concentrate on all this sewing  when my  room is in total disarray?? ( I mean who can begin to work at a desk when there are papers all over it?  Not I! )   What should I do?? I think it was time to call  for help.  So I called a professional organizer and she was a able to help and made it simple!  She made me think, "now, where would I go to look for this item?"  She gave me "Simple Solutions and we  got my entire sewing room organized in 3.5 hours! By the way, the name of her business is " Simple Solutions" and she does a great job in a short amount of  time.  If you are interested in a professional organizer, please message me  for her business information.

In the meantime, I think I am now ready to get started on lots of new items.  This week I had a mail rush order to make 2 "Dorthy " (from the Wizard of Oz) aprons for 3 year old twins. I made 2 bib aprons , light blue gingham with ribbon & gathering at the waist, similar to the jumper that Dorthy wears in the movie.    ( See the picture above.)  I think she wanted the twins to wear the aprons over their tutus  to see the new 3D Wizard of Oz movie this weekend!   I have made some " southwestern" place mats, and am making more  aprons, ( with monkeys, sock monkeys -pictured above, owls, safari)  for  toddlers, children's & adults. I am getting ready to make some  " messenger bags"  Eeek! Something totally new to me!    Anyway, please don't forget to check out my Summer End Clearance Sale   on Becky's pillow shop and remember prices have been greatly reduced!     Stay tuned for more new items this fall!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Solace in the Lion's Lair

Where did the summer go?  It's the day after Labor Day already, and unfortunately, for me it wasn't much of a relaxing summer.  It started in June right before Father's Day,  when my Dad fell and ended up in the hospital.  He is 87 years old, can't cook, and really was not able to take care of himself, so he had no business living alone, but what can you do with a very stubborn 87 year old man who needs to be in control?  He wouldn't listen to his family.  When he got to the hospital, his landlord told him he couldn't go back to his apartment.  He was taken to a nursing home a few days later, and standard procedure is to apply for medicaid even if you don't qualify. My Mom gets things mixed up, and doesn't remember things well, and I knew that it was up to me to take care of things. As it turned out the deadline for Medicaid application was the same day as the deadline for getting everything out of my Dad's apartment and having it clean! It just so happened that I had planned a Yard Sale the week before.  I had already advertised,  but I should have cancelled it anyway, because as it turned out I didn't sell much, and didn't have enough help to get everything back inside. MORE STRESS!!!  Needless to say, the next day I stayed in my pj's all day and did absolutely nothing but chill out. 

   The HIPA laws made it impossible for me to get any info. for the Medicaid app. without his permission, and getting his cooperation was like pulling teeth.  We soon found out that he was only going to be in the nursing home for rehab., and then he had nowhere to go.  MORE STRESS!!   Actually most  of the stress was not caused by the things I had to do, but the drama it created with both parents .

As stressful as this was, for about almost 6 weeks, I knew that I had to get away and go somewhere, but where??  I needed a big SPA day, somewhere near the mountains, or near the water, a full body massage, anything to help me to RELAX!  So, then I thought of the perfect place, wasn't even far away, but far enough that my phone wouldn't work where I was so NO ONE could call me!!  I went to Berkeley Springs, WV & stayed at the Cacapon Resort.  Wow, couldn't have gone to a better place- I had the mountains, the lake, and I got a Roman mineral bath and a massage at Berkeley Springs State Park.  It was great, and I thought , while I am there I should take some of my handmade items  from Becky's Pillow Shop and see if I can find any stores that might be willing to sell them. I hadn't been able to do much sewing or selling this summer and I really needed to sell some things.  Well, guess what?  I found one.  The owner of The Lion's Lair said, I really like your designs, but I need more modern, retro type fabrics. So, I got started right away, gathering fabrics I already had, and got her approval, buying new ones that she wanted & began to sew, sew, sew.  On August 22, I  sold her an order of 26 items!!    I have a couple displays in the store, a bag in the front window,  and she has sold a few items already!  I am so excited! 

Oh, yeah, and as for that Yard Sale-  Well, I am having another one this weekend. Fri- Sat. ( Sept 6-7) at my house.  612 Albert St, Martinsburg 8am - ? both days.   So come on out and check it out!!  You can check out my event page on facebook to see detailed listings, and some pics & prices!!  The link is:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Becky's Pillow Shop : July 4

Becky's Pillow Shop : July 4: Americana patchwork bag - $12.99 on Etsy Fireworks pillow $8.00 (17 inch pillow)   July 4th is almost here, so what do y...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Becky's Pillow Shop : July 4

Becky's Pillow Shop : July 4: Americana patchwork bag - $12.99 on Etsy Fireworks pillow $8.00 (17 inch pillow)   July 4th is almost here, so what do y...

July 4

Americana patchwork bag - $12.99 on Etsy

Fireworks pillow $8.00 (17 inch pillow) 

 July 4th is almost here, so what do you like to do on the fourth of July?? Some plan their vacations around July 4th and others take weekend trips around July 4th.  Lots of people go to July 4th festivals, celebrations, parades, concerts, craft shows and other July 4th events.  Some plan family cookouts, family reunions, and picnics.  There is always one thing that I think of when it comes to the fourth of July, and that is "Fireworks"!  No matter whether you have a family cookout, go to the town festival, or don't do anything special, many of us will do one thing for sure and that is watch the fireworks!!   I love watching the fireworks, whether it is up close or from afar!  I live a little bit far from the park where they do the fireworks in my town and there's so much traffic afterwards, I don't like to get that close. But I can walk right around the corner from my home & they are in plain sight!! I love watching the fireworks, even from afar!!  So what are  you doing for July 4th??
Leave a comment to answer my question!

Becky's pillow shop has all " July 4th" items on sale.  Pillows, handbag, aprons, toddler aprons.  For more information:  go to or to to see pictures!  Pillows go from $5-$10, aprons $10, toddler aprons, $5, and a patchwork handbag on Etsy for $12.99!  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Craft & Yard Sale

My friend and I both have small business where we make craft items. Her business is Glamorize Accessorize.  She make hair accessories, headbands, flower clips, and baby hats & also sells tutus, bloomers baby shoes.   A couple weeks ago we decided to have our own Craft/Yard Sale. I have done yard sales before , but not and combination craft & yard sale, and never realized how much more work is involved!    Also, little  did I know that I would have a family situation come up on top of it.  My Dad was hospitalized last week, and then transferred to a nursing home this week.( This was not a bad thing because it's been a long time in coming!)  He won't be going back where he was residing, so I was able to find a lot more items to sell, mainly his clothes.  Unfortunately, his home health aide hadn't done his laundry in a while, and he was getting low on clean shirts, so I started on his laundry. Nine loads of laundry later, and I haven't finished, I have counted  50+ button down shirts, and probably 15 pullovers, and that isn't counting the 20 T-shirts, and  about  15  sweaters!! So there will be lots of small size shirts 38/40 chest, 15 collar, and lots of sport jackets, & dress pants ( 34/32)  & ties for sale!

Becky's pillow shop will have:
throw pillows, - floral, zebra print, toucan, country, patchwork, Americana, ( Kids pillows- Transformers, doggy , Tooth fairy pillows, Pillow Sets, heart shaped, Ravens, & Redskins.

Also, Aprons( toddler, children, adult) , table runners, small pouches, small drawstring bags for $1, coasters, placemats, baby bibs, handbags, totes, beach bag, laundry bag, bean bags, & rice bags for $1.

Yard Sale items, include:
HP Router- like new  ( used only 3 days) - $30
Vintage wedding dress  &veil ( 80's handmade) $75
Household items, tools, toys, clothes, kids & women also, record album, lamps, decorative flags, knick knacks, tools, Thirty-one items, & much more.

So come on out to the Craft & Yard sale on Saturday- June 22, 612 Albert St. & check it out.  8am - ??

To see more items, and pictures, go to

Hope to see you there!!

Becky's Pillow Shop

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Handmade vs. Factory Made

So you are looking for that perfect gift for Aunt Suzie, who seems to already have everything!! You don't know what to buy for her, and you are looking for something unique, that you won't find anywhere else, like a one of a kind item.  Do you :
A.  look on Ebay
B.   look for something handmade 
C.  go to a Flea Market

Chances are if you go to Ebay, or a flea market , you might find something , but you can bet there are probably several more items just like that one somewhere.  I suggest to look for something handmade.  You might say where do I look for something handmade?  Well, first of all you can look at crafts shows, and other vendor events. You can check your local paper or the internet to find out where the local craft shows are. Also, you can do a search online , but be sure to type in " Handmade" so you won't get something that isn't made by hand.  Now, when you go to these craft shows, look for the vendors that actually Hand Make  their items!  When buying from crafters whose items are handmade, you more than likely are buying something they designed or created, that you might not find somewhere else.  They may have similar designs or similar materials, but you may never find another item just like this one!  I  made some aprons out of T-towels that had bowls of soup on them. ( maybe Aunt Suzie voluteers at a soup kitchen & needs an apron). I also made  a " skirt" purse from a real skirt and  girls' handbags out of blue jean legs and sewed a Princess or Tinker Bell fabric pockets on them.   When buying from other local small businesses you are helping boost the ecomony in your area, and that helps everyone.  Also, a lot of times  people appreciate things that are hand made more .  That being said, what will you do the next time you are looking for that perfect gift for Aunt Suzie or your  granddaughter who just started losing their teeth, and you need a tooth fairy pillow     Becky's pillow shop has lots of different items to choose from, and can do special orders if requested.   To see more items  go to :   You can leave a comment or go to the Contact Me page for any questions.  Or  go to You can also go to my FB  page at and be sure to click " Like" at the top of the page!