Monday, January 19, 2015

New Tools & Clearance Sales

This year, I have been slow to get back to work, but trying to take a small break after a very busy Christmas season! Yet I am excited about the New Year and New tools I now have for my business!   I am working on getting my shop ready for the new year, doing inventory of supplies & merchandise.  I am also starting to learn a NEW bookkeeping program, which is going to be quite a challenge, since bookkeeping isn't my forte! Ha !  I have been learning how to use my NEW sewing machine, however there so much I don't know so am going to start classes on Wednesday.   I also got a NEW phone on January 1st. 

I am also trying to do some clearance in my shop so I have reduced the prices of all pillows on my website. Click here:  Check out your favorite team pillows, kids  pillows, & more.  Great prices as low as $6.00!   

I  have a few Valentine items in my Etsy shop including heart shaped pillows!  You can click here to see my selection.


Also, I have a whole section of clearance items in my Etsy shop.   Totes, pillows, Christmas items, & aprons all on sale.


 Stay tuned for more news about what is in store for my business this year. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014 & Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year !

2014 was a good year for my business, and it has grown a lot partly due to my new line items I started this year and also due to one new farmers’ markets I have been participating in once a month.   As a result, I have made new friends, and got involved in some crafting groups where other craft business owners  network and give each other advice.   This year I have added infinity scarves, backpacks, cosmetic bags, to my brand.  I would like to thank all of my fans who have helped my business in some fashion this year.      

I had a very stressful year in 2014 due to my 2 aging parents with dementia.  I had to move my dad to a new home two times within 3 months, and I didn't have any help from family.  There were times when I thought I was going to lose my sanity,  but with friends praying for me, God helped me survive  the storms! So, I am praying for a much better 2015 with much less stress! 
  I got some unique surprises this Christmas including a package from Santa Claus, and also got some other gifts I wasn't expecting!    It took me a while to guess who played Santa,  but I finally figured it out a few days after Christmas! 

Also, I got a nice new toy for Christmas to myself and my business!!   A new sewing machine Viking Opal 650!  I am really excited about what I will be able to do with this new machine, and it will definitely make my life a lot easier and be beneficial to my business!!

Today, I am off to see my Dad at the nursing home and to pick up a much needed brand new cell phone!  The one I currently have has been replaced 3 times in 2.5 years, and currently has it’s own agenda . Lol.  After charging it all night, it sometimes says the battery is below 5 percent!  This has gone on for a while now & I finally decided it was not the battery but the phone!  Anyway, I am excited about what the new year will bring .  Hope you all have a Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year!  May God bless you in 2015!  

Many of my items have been reduced for clearance in my Etsy Shop, ( see the clearance Sale items section.)  and on my web site. 
See links below.