Thursday, June 27, 2013

Becky's Pillow Shop : July 4

Becky's Pillow Shop : July 4: Americana patchwork bag - $12.99 on Etsy Fireworks pillow $8.00 (17 inch pillow)   July 4th is almost here, so what do y...

July 4

Americana patchwork bag - $12.99 on Etsy

Fireworks pillow $8.00 (17 inch pillow) 

 July 4th is almost here, so what do you like to do on the fourth of July?? Some plan their vacations around July 4th and others take weekend trips around July 4th.  Lots of people go to July 4th festivals, celebrations, parades, concerts, craft shows and other July 4th events.  Some plan family cookouts, family reunions, and picnics.  There is always one thing that I think of when it comes to the fourth of July, and that is "Fireworks"!  No matter whether you have a family cookout, go to the town festival, or don't do anything special, many of us will do one thing for sure and that is watch the fireworks!!   I love watching the fireworks, whether it is up close or from afar!  I live a little bit far from the park where they do the fireworks in my town and there's so much traffic afterwards, I don't like to get that close. But I can walk right around the corner from my home & they are in plain sight!! I love watching the fireworks, even from afar!!  So what are  you doing for July 4th??
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Becky's pillow shop has all " July 4th" items on sale.  Pillows, handbag, aprons, toddler aprons.  For more information:  go to or to to see pictures!  Pillows go from $5-$10, aprons $10, toddler aprons, $5, and a patchwork handbag on Etsy for $12.99!  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Craft & Yard Sale

My friend and I both have small business where we make craft items. Her business is Glamorize Accessorize.  She make hair accessories, headbands, flower clips, and baby hats & also sells tutus, bloomers baby shoes.   A couple weeks ago we decided to have our own Craft/Yard Sale. I have done yard sales before , but not and combination craft & yard sale, and never realized how much more work is involved!    Also, little  did I know that I would have a family situation come up on top of it.  My Dad was hospitalized last week, and then transferred to a nursing home this week.( This was not a bad thing because it's been a long time in coming!)  He won't be going back where he was residing, so I was able to find a lot more items to sell, mainly his clothes.  Unfortunately, his home health aide hadn't done his laundry in a while, and he was getting low on clean shirts, so I started on his laundry. Nine loads of laundry later, and I haven't finished, I have counted  50+ button down shirts, and probably 15 pullovers, and that isn't counting the 20 T-shirts, and  about  15  sweaters!! So there will be lots of small size shirts 38/40 chest, 15 collar, and lots of sport jackets, & dress pants ( 34/32)  & ties for sale!

Becky's pillow shop will have:
throw pillows, - floral, zebra print, toucan, country, patchwork, Americana, ( Kids pillows- Transformers, doggy , Tooth fairy pillows, Pillow Sets, heart shaped, Ravens, & Redskins.

Also, Aprons( toddler, children, adult) , table runners, small pouches, small drawstring bags for $1, coasters, placemats, baby bibs, handbags, totes, beach bag, laundry bag, bean bags, & rice bags for $1.

Yard Sale items, include:
HP Router- like new  ( used only 3 days) - $30
Vintage wedding dress  &veil ( 80's handmade) $75
Household items, tools, toys, clothes, kids & women also, record album, lamps, decorative flags, knick knacks, tools, Thirty-one items, & much more.

So come on out to the Craft & Yard sale on Saturday- June 22, 612 Albert St. & check it out.  8am - ??

To see more items, and pictures, go to

Hope to see you there!!

Becky's Pillow Shop

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Handmade vs. Factory Made

So you are looking for that perfect gift for Aunt Suzie, who seems to already have everything!! You don't know what to buy for her, and you are looking for something unique, that you won't find anywhere else, like a one of a kind item.  Do you :
A.  look on Ebay
B.   look for something handmade 
C.  go to a Flea Market

Chances are if you go to Ebay, or a flea market , you might find something , but you can bet there are probably several more items just like that one somewhere.  I suggest to look for something handmade.  You might say where do I look for something handmade?  Well, first of all you can look at crafts shows, and other vendor events. You can check your local paper or the internet to find out where the local craft shows are. Also, you can do a search online , but be sure to type in " Handmade" so you won't get something that isn't made by hand.  Now, when you go to these craft shows, look for the vendors that actually Hand Make  their items!  When buying from crafters whose items are handmade, you more than likely are buying something they designed or created, that you might not find somewhere else.  They may have similar designs or similar materials, but you may never find another item just like this one!  I  made some aprons out of T-towels that had bowls of soup on them. ( maybe Aunt Suzie voluteers at a soup kitchen & needs an apron). I also made  a " skirt" purse from a real skirt and  girls' handbags out of blue jean legs and sewed a Princess or Tinker Bell fabric pockets on them.   When buying from other local small businesses you are helping boost the ecomony in your area, and that helps everyone.  Also, a lot of times  people appreciate things that are hand made more .  That being said, what will you do the next time you are looking for that perfect gift for Aunt Suzie or your  granddaughter who just started losing their teeth, and you need a tooth fairy pillow     Becky's pillow shop has lots of different items to choose from, and can do special orders if requested.   To see more items  go to :   You can leave a comment or go to the Contact Me page for any questions.  Or  go to You can also go to my FB  page at and be sure to click " Like" at the top of the page!