Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cataracts, Skull Bags, & A 90 Year Old Assailant?


This has been an entertaining  week already and it's only Tuesday!  I started out on Sunday afternoon after church I went to the mall for the 2nd day of Holiday Blitz  vendor event.  It was very slow, but I had 2 friends to come by to visit for a while.  One of them had her 3 year old grandson with her and we got him to play ball with another vendor's little girl.  SO CUTE!  
    Now that the first weekend of Holiday Blitz is over, I have to start working on my Lion's Lair order that needs to be there before Thanksgiving.  My biggest project is the " Skull Messenger bags " that I made once before and she sold all 3 of them within less than 2 weeks! ( The first bag she sold to a screenwriter who works in the film business in Hollywood!)  So, Monday morning, I started cutting them out- I have 4 so far, and might make more if I have the time! You can see 2 of the bags I made before, the ones I am making now are similar, but not exactly the same fabrics & styles.
    Yesterday I had to take my Mom to the eye doctor to see about having cataract surgery.    She had been a few weeks ago and seen another doctor, and said she really didn't like him and she wanted her regular doctor to to the surgery.  It was a long process of WAITING ! One room for the glaucoma test, another for the eye chart test, then to another " waiting room" before you get to another  room to see the doctor, and then when you get into the room you  " wait" for the doctor to come into the room.  When the doctor came in, my Mom, said, " you look familiar", bless her heart, her memory isn't what it used to be.  "Mom this is Dr. Promersberger who you wanted to come and see."   Of course it will still be another month before she can actually  have the surgery.
     Today, I had to go see my Dad in Hagerstown, who lives in an assisted living facility. We were visiting in a small living area, and there was an old woman standing in the doorway staring at me.  I just kept talking to my Dad, and kind of ignored her.  But, then she looked at me and very loudly said, " What are you doing?"
Me:  Talking to my dad.
Lady:  He's not your Dad!
Me :  yes , he is
Lady:  No, he's not.  I am your Mom!
Me:  No, I've never seen you before.
Lady:  You're a liar,
Lady to my Dad:  How old were you when you "adopted" her?
Me:  He's my biological Dad.
Lady asked my Dad same question again, and my Dad who's hearing isn't very good said,  "  I'm 87 years old and this is my daughter and she's _2 "   (   Sorry, not telling you my age, if you don't already know!  LOL!  )
 At this point, I got up to go find someone to get her out of there, and  when I started to walk past her in the doorway, and she pushed me back!!  My Dad got really mad, and said, "That's my daughter , you leave her alone!  That's the first time in years I've seen my Dad get angry because he was " defending" me! Usually he's mad AT me!  Anyway, the owner and her aides came to our rescue right away and got her out of there, and we got a good laugh!  The owner said she had been waiting on her family and she has dementia, and was confused.  She had just had her 90th birthday recently.  So I almost got assaulted by a 90 year woman !   My Dad was still upset with her after she left, and I just said "Daddy, don't worry about it, it's ok.  She is ( & I circled my hand around my ear, meaning she's "not all there" LOL) .  ( I have seen my Dad do that many times before, so I knew he would understand that terminology and he would calm down.)  So, needless to say we had a good laugh out of it.  I was still laughing while driving across town to JoAnn's where I had a long list of things to buy for requests for custom orders!
      Becky's Pillow Shop will be at the Martinsburg Mall most weekends between now & Christmas on Saturday and Sunday afternoons!   10 % of all my Proceeds will go to " Friends of Nicholas" to help purchase a handicapped van and a service dog when he goes home from the hospital .  Nicholas is my cousin who has aplastic anemia, and has had many setbacks and been through much more than any 11 year old boy should have to endure, but he is still with us and we have seen God perform many miracles in the past 9 months.  To find out more about Nicholas' very long  journey you can read about Nicholas Thornton on the special facebook page created just for him.  https://www.facebook.com/prayersfornicholasthornton   And Yes, he got to meet Ryan Seacrest in person, but I will tell you more Nicholas in my next blog!


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