Friday, September 20, 2013

Organized Clearance

Fall is almost here, and it's time to get geared up for the busiest season of the year for me.  I haven't done many vendor events this summer, so  I have many of my handmade items in  my guest room & it  is busting at the seams with pillows & bags!   I have no where to put new things!  So what to do, hmm, I think it's time for a Big Clearance Sale on pillows, & while I'm at it I will add some bags as well!  I have great prices on all  pillows - They are all from $2.00- $5.00, no pillow over $5.00!! Also  bags range from $3- $10!  Great Deals!!   To see my sale items you can go to my website at: 
All of the sale items are on this link.  

I also have so many new things to make by October 1st for Lion's Lair, and lots of other items for Christmas Holiday Blitz at the mall.  Recently,  I have gotten some great deals on fabric and now my fabric baskets are overflowing .   I began to realize that  my so called "organized"   sewing room was now a " chaotic" mess.      How can I even begin to concentrate on all this sewing  when my  room is in total disarray?? ( I mean who can begin to work at a desk when there are papers all over it?  Not I! )   What should I do?? I think it was time to call  for help.  So I called a professional organizer and she was a able to help and made it simple!  She made me think, "now, where would I go to look for this item?"  She gave me "Simple Solutions and we  got my entire sewing room organized in 3.5 hours! By the way, the name of her business is " Simple Solutions" and she does a great job in a short amount of  time.  If you are interested in a professional organizer, please message me  for her business information.

In the meantime, I think I am now ready to get started on lots of new items.  This week I had a mail rush order to make 2 "Dorthy " (from the Wizard of Oz) aprons for 3 year old twins. I made 2 bib aprons , light blue gingham with ribbon & gathering at the waist, similar to the jumper that Dorthy wears in the movie.    ( See the picture above.)  I think she wanted the twins to wear the aprons over their tutus  to see the new 3D Wizard of Oz movie this weekend!   I have made some " southwestern" place mats, and am making more  aprons, ( with monkeys, sock monkeys -pictured above, owls, safari)  for  toddlers, children's & adults. I am getting ready to make some  " messenger bags"  Eeek! Something totally new to me!    Anyway, please don't forget to check out my Summer End Clearance Sale   on Becky's pillow shop and remember prices have been greatly reduced!     Stay tuned for more new items this fall!

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