Thursday, June 27, 2013

July 4

Americana patchwork bag - $12.99 on Etsy

Fireworks pillow $8.00 (17 inch pillow) 

 July 4th is almost here, so what do you like to do on the fourth of July?? Some plan their vacations around July 4th and others take weekend trips around July 4th.  Lots of people go to July 4th festivals, celebrations, parades, concerts, craft shows and other July 4th events.  Some plan family cookouts, family reunions, and picnics.  There is always one thing that I think of when it comes to the fourth of July, and that is "Fireworks"!  No matter whether you have a family cookout, go to the town festival, or don't do anything special, many of us will do one thing for sure and that is watch the fireworks!!   I love watching the fireworks, whether it is up close or from afar!  I live a little bit far from the park where they do the fireworks in my town and there's so much traffic afterwards, I don't like to get that close. But I can walk right around the corner from my home & they are in plain sight!! I love watching the fireworks, even from afar!!  So what are  you doing for July 4th??
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Becky's pillow shop has all " July 4th" items on sale.  Pillows, handbag, aprons, toddler aprons.  For more information:  go to or to to see pictures!  Pillows go from $5-$10, aprons $10, toddler aprons, $5, and a patchwork handbag on Etsy for $12.99!  

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