Wednesday, November 11, 2015

One Broken Warm November Friday & Open House

Last Friday I left the house to run some errands, including mailing my "broken" new camera to the repair shop.  I bought the camera back at the end of August because my old one was not working right.  It would not focus, and I kept getting a lens error.  Then I bought this one, and there is a black shadow in the  left bottom corner of my pictures!  Seriously??  Anyway,  when I stopped at the stoplight downtown, a homeless man banged on my window.  I figured that he was going to ask for money or something, so I ignored him.  After the 3rd time, I finally opened my window, and he said," Mam, you have a flat tire"!  I remembered hitting a big pot hole the day before, so I said, thank you, and  prayed my way to Eddie's Tire.  I walked in and the man said,"  I know your problem!!"

  Of course,  the tire had a nail in it and it had punched a big hole in it from hitting the pot hole so I had to get a new tire.  Then, he said, over  here, on your left front tire, your rim is bent and the tire is bulging out from it! Yikes! Something else is "Broken".  He said, I can get you one for $200, (NOT) or you can go to the dealership and it costs $600, (Definitely NOT) or go to the salvage yard and get if for about $80.  Of course I was going to choose the 3rd option.  So that morning I was on my way to mail my new camera in for repair, and get a flat tire and a bent rim on my car.  This day just couldn't get any better! Ha!
 Anyway, after paying $80 for a new tire, I was on  my way to the post office, to mail my camera and I got down the street and there in front of my bank was Santa Claus??  I was a little confused,  because first of all it was only Nov. 6, and it was also 70 degrees outside, and now Santa is standing on the corner waving at everyone??  What a crazy mixed up warm November day.
On a good note, I went to the salvage yard on Monday , got my tire rim and had Eddie's tire replace it.  Also, I just got a phone call that my new camera had been fixed and it was being shipped back to me today!! So I will have it before Open House next week. 

My Open House begins a week from tomorrow, and I am getting excited.  I keep thinking of new items to make but obviously won't have time to finish them all.  I plan to have door prizes every day, hot cider and other snacks, and lots of great sales.  I am having a clearance sale on lots of items including some pillows for 50% off!   I will have lots of kids' items including tooth fairy pillows, kids aprons, ( toddler & children's ), kid's pillows, backpacks, and girl's handbags. I also will have some  NFL pillows and a few other sports team items.  Check out the " Blondie" apron below!! ( Note: these pics were taken with my old camera so not the best focus!) 

I will also have holiday place mats, table runners, lots of tote bags, make up bags, etc.  I am making lots of small drawstring bags and a few larger gift bags.  The drawstring bags are great for candy, jewelry, small toys, note pads, etc. I did a rough count of over 250 items that I will have for sale and making new items every day!   I will be posting more pictures of new items on my Facebook event page:  to see more items pictured go to this link:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Auctions, Pow Wows, & Open House

Last week I went to an auction with my cousin, who was interested in some of the antique sewing  machines.   The lady who died was a big seamstress and had lots of fabric & a few sewing machines, including a huge quilting machine.  It was the first auction where I stayed almost the entire time, and of course the sewing machines were almost the last things to be sold, so we were there 3.5 hours and we literally froze!  
 Saturday, I went to a Pow Wow, in Berryville, VA.  It was really interesting and a lot of fun.  I got to see lots of Native American dancing & music.  The ceremony was very nice honoring our country as well as the " warriors" of our country (otherwise known as veterans) .  They had lots of vendors, and also a Gourd festival.  I loved the Christmas ornaments they made out of the gourds. I was also determined to find a poncho, and the very last one I tried on, actually fit me and didn't swallow me like a big balloon.   

My Annual Open House is only 2 weeks away and I am getting excited!! I hope many of you who are local to Martinsburg are able to come. I've been sewing my little heart out and fitting it in every chance I get.  I plan to have a door prize every day, and lots of great specials, and free Christmas gift bags while supplies last.  I am also making some gift bags to sell out of fabric.  Some are drawstring bags, great for jewelry, candy, small toys, pens and note pads you can put gift cards in them.  I'm also making some larger fleece lined  bags that you can fill with larger items.
I will have lots of pillows, sports pillows, kids pillows, aprons, (men's and women's, kids, toddler's and teens, some Christmas aprons as well) Also, infinity scarves, make up bags, pouches, cross-body pouches, handbags, messenger bags,  totes, place mats & table runners etc. See something you like and need it in a special fabric?  This is the time to order those items and I can have them ready in time for Christmas!  So come and just browse, eat some snacks, or do some shopping!!  Pictured below are a few of my newest items!   Here is the link to my Facebook event page for more information :
 To see more of my items you can go to my etsy shop at this link:
Becky's Pillow Shop Open House  is November 19-22 at 612 Albert Street, Martinsburg,WV 25404.
Times are Nov. 19- 4pm-8pm, Friday and Saturday, 9am-6pm,  and Sunday 12:30- 7pm.