Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Events, New Logo &  Bags of Fortune 

I am proud to present to you my new banner and logo.  I originally had a small banner made for my Etsy shop and it was much smaller and just had Becky's pillow shop written on it.  Then I decided I liked it so much I wanted a new sign/banner to hand up at events so this is what it will look like when it arrives!  I was a volunteer missionary in Togo, West Africa for over a year so I love the African theme items and especially the Safari animals!   This pattern was taken from the fabric I used to make  some beautiful place mats for Lion's Lair.  
 I have been busy sewing some new bags and aprons for spring. I am getting ready for the Earth Day Celebration in Shepherdstown on April 26, and possibly the Berryville Main Street Yard Sale on April 12. Also I was asked by someone on the " board" of the Purcellville Town Farmer's Market to be a vendor at  this summer, which is exciting.  Whoo-Hoo! I think he liked my wares, and even gave me ideas of what to concentrate on making .  Apparently, you have to be approved by the board to participate!   I met him at a vendor event I participated at recently in Charles Town, WV.   My Aunt Shirley was visiting from North Carolina that weekend.  She recycles sweaters and makes beautiful handbags from them, all different & very unique, so she went with me to the event and took her bags.  They are called " Bags of Fortune".  "Unfortunately" no pun intended-  they don't come with great fortune, but  with lots of love from Shirley Fortune.  My Uncle Mac, her brother, jokes and says she has had lots of "mis-fortune" which is actually pretty true.  Check out some pictures of the bags below. They are only $25 each. They are all lined with pockets inside and magnet closure (magnets are under lining) . There are a few that aren't made from sweaters, but I posted pictures of a few of the spring/summer bags.   I kept them and am going to try and sell them for her, so if you are interested please e-mail me  and I can give more details and send more pictures.


I have lots of new spring items on my Etsy store, and adding things daily .  I am trying to get 100 items listed so check out my new items. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Becky's "NEW" Pillow Shop


I am so excited to have a new "Shop" in my home.  This room is large enough for me to display most of my items, have a large work table, a sewing area, storage of all my fabric & supplies, and office with my computer, printer & filing cabinet!!  Check out the photos below. My friends are moving the furniture.  
I have an L-Shaped desk for sewing and storing supplies. 
I have a large banquet table used as a work space, for cutting fabric, and taking pictures.

I have my office area with my computer, printer & filing cabinet.
 My dining room hutch makes a great display area and storage in the bottom part.
I have some shelves for pillows, coat tree for bags, and manikin for aprons & scarves.

I  am also using the large closet and linen closet for fabric, and other supplies. I love my new room and am so happy I gave up my large bedroom.  I hope to have an Open House in the spring, if it ever arrives!
 I am having 20% off  everything through March 20.  Just use coupon code  WINTERCLEARANCE2014 at checkout!