Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scattered & Disordered : Solution- A New Shop!!

For the past year, I have been complaining about my business taking over my entire house.  I have small rooms, except for my bedroom and I used every room except my kitchen ( and bathrooms)  for my business.  This ended up causing total disorder to my house, because I had " stuff" all over my house.  I had one room for sewing. I used my dining room table for cutting the fabric.   My guest room was a
storage/display room for pillows, etc. My bedroom has my computer in it, and I sometimes sat in front of the TV at night while hand sewing.   I've thought about converting my bedroom into my office/work room/shop, but I kept finding reasons not to like I would lose my master bath or the guest room is too small.  But after being in business almost 6 years, and  so tired of feeling like my house was so disorderly I finally realized I needed to bite the bullet!  Now I am actually very excited about it! I slept in my new  room (guest room)  for the last 2 nights and I slept better than I have in a long time!   I can now have my computer, printer, my sewing machine, work table, fabric, sewing supplies,  items I use for vendor events, and all my handmade items stored or "displayed" in one room!!

In order to do this I will actually be moving furniture around from 4 different rooms, re-organizing  almost everything I own from every room, (even the bathrooms!)  and getting rid of one piece of furniture, my queen size bed.   I have already started re-organizing & moving small items and  furniture, and my house is already in total disarray!  There are things sitting out all over the house waiting to be put in their new home. I am finding out as I go that this re-vamping includes re-arranging so many things- clothes,  books, dishes,  linens, jewelry, & even cleaning rags!  Who knew??

This was where I displayed my items, & guest room but will be my new room soon! 

   Of course, I'm not sure there is a way to re-organize without your house looking a complete mess for at least a period of time. I am hoping to get my new "shop/office" whipped into shape soon!

 Later on Wednesday. . . .    I just found someone to take the queen size bed that I need to give away!! After a couple phone calls, it looks like the big " MOVE" will be taking place on Saturday!!  Who Hoo!!

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