Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Etsy Sale & "Friends of Nicholas"

WVU wrist wallet with pocket

Southwest laptop messenger bag with pockets  

pink ribbon bag
safari animals toddler apron
cupcake child's apron 

WVU wallet with inside pocket
WVU wallet with inside pocket

 I have been at Martinsburg Mall the last 4 weekends, and unfortunately , not done as well as  I had hoped.  I've had a few orders as well, Redskins wallets, Dora pillows, etc, but also had some a little unusual, like Dallas Cowboy tooth fairy pillows, & Transformer tooth fairy pillows.  I am located under a tree, which is fine, except for the raining leaves falling on my head and  it also gets dark late in the afternoon, since I am also under the skylight.   Other than the tree, its in a good location in the mall, and I have electricity! I even got one of the vendors next to me to go buy me a light with a clip & clipped it to the tree & it helps even in the daylight.  Last weekend, while I was there it was slow, I took my sewing machine & I made 3 totes & a couple of large pink ribbon wallets!

 I am hoping sales will pick up because I want to be able to send a nice check to " Friends of Nicholas", the fund for my 11 year old cousin Nicholas, who has aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder, that affects red & white blood cells & platelets.  Ten percent of all sales at Holiday Blitz are being sent to " Friends of Nicholas".  Nicholas needs a handicapped van & a service dog for when he goes home and will also need other medical supplies as well.  He's been in the hospital and/or rehab.  since February, and has lots of complications, and even had a bone marrow transplant.  He was supposed  to go home the day before Thanksgiving, but wasn't able to.  Now, he's just hoping to get home for Christmas.  He is one unique kid, and has stayed positive most of the time, and his faith is amazing! He knows God has miraculously healed him several times, and give Him the glory!   To find out more about Nicholas:

  In  order to boost my sales, I am trying adding coupons to my Etsy store each week.  There is also Free Shipping on most items except pillows.  You can see a few of my Etsy items above, #Southwest laptop bag,  #pink ribbon bag, #toddler aprons, etc.  I have lots more bags, & toddler aprons, Mother/toddler matching aprons, in my Etsy store.  I have a 10% off Sale on everything in my Etsy shop through today, December 7.  Starting December 8, I will have a 25% off sale on items over $20!    If interested in the WVU wallets, please contact me. The wallets are $8, and the wrist wallet is $10.  I am not placing them in Etsy store just yet, since I have the next two weekends at the mall again.

I also have several items on my web site for sale:   Becky's Pillow Shop