Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Writer's Block, Dementia & Back to School Open House

I haven't been able to blog  in a long time due to some writer's block caused by a lot of  stress that I have had recently.  I had to move my Dad to another Assisted Living facility.  It took over a month to finally get him moved, no thanks to the director where he was living who said, " he has to go, I can't take care of him any longer."   Unfortunately, she  did everything she could to cut her own throat to keep him from getting moved, because she wanted to do things her way, the easy way & didn't follow protocol , and  didn't do what was needed to get him moved even up until the very last day!  I will spare the details, but it was very stressful for me, a nightmare to say the least, and in the end I had to get an advocate. She was very helpful, and she was not at all happy with her.  The good news is he is in a much better place.  It's an assisted living place that specializes in dementia. My Dad's dementia isn't too bad right now.  He thinks his one and only daughter is a movie star!  He says, " I see you on TV all the time".  LOL!  The first day, they took him there, fed him lunch, and then he played Bingo, followed by a singalong (my Dad loves to sing & used to sing solos in church).  Then, they had a pastor to speak, and my Dad led in prayer, since he is a retired minister.  I missed most of it, because I was unpacking his things in his room, but I could tell he was already much happier!
 Daddy leaving for his new home! 

I have still been busy with vendor events this summer, going to Purcellville Town Market, and will be going to Berkeley Springs on Saturday, July 26 to set up in front of Lion's Lair. My schedule so far:

Purcellville Town Market  on August 9, Sept 6, and Oct. 4.
 Patsy Cline Block Party. Music, craft & food vendors - August 30
 Berryville Yard Sale Sept. 13,
 Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs October 11-12 set up in front of Lion's Lair.

July 19 at Purcellville Town Market.

 On August 2, I am having an Open House in celebration of my new shop/work area, and it is also a Back to School Sale.  I will have tote bags, lightweight backpacks, pencil pouches, laundry bags, laptop bags, small tablet holders, wallets, small pouches, drawstring bags,  handbags, infinity scarves, pillows & aprons- adult, child & toddler.  I will also be taking orders on these items & have fabric to choose from.  I know I may not get enough made before then.  So come and check it out.  See Details below:

Becky’s Pillow Shop Open House
Back to School Sale
9am-6pm , Saturday, August 2, 2014
612 Albert St, Martinsburg, WV
Back to School items- Totes, lightweight backpacks, laptop bags, pencil pouches, handbags, shoulder bags, drawstring bags, laundry bags, infinity scarves, pillows & aprons. Specials Spend $20 and get ½ off 1 item of equal or less value. I will be taking special orders on some items.

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