Thursday, October 17, 2013

BEST Rainy Vendor Event Ever!


This past weekend I had a " new" experience to say the least.   I was a vendor at the Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs, WV.  First of all, I had never done an event that big before. There were lots of people despite the rain.  Most of my vendor experience leaves a lot to be desired. They  comprise of a pretty good number of vendors, but not well attended.   Also, many times I am having to compete with home based businesses that are well known & not hand made.  I have  also had lots of  " incidents" at these events, some of which were not too good!  I have lost 2 tents to the wind within a year, and  I have sat there all day sold 1 or 2 items.  At one of my very events, I had to replace my front car door  because I had to back my car up a very long distance, was watching all the cars parked on my right,  and didn't see the truck bed sticking out on my left. Ugh!   Needless, to say I lost a lot of money that day because of the big deductible I paid for a new door!

This weekend, however, was also different because it was raining!    I have never even bothered doing an outside event when it's raining, but I had been working so hard the past week, & I was so excited and wasn't going to let it scare me away.  I just found out about a week before when the owner of Lion's Lair  asked me to set up in front of her store.  The first day was not too bad as far as the rain, but by Sunday, trying to keep things dry left a lot to be desired.  Despite the rain, it was a great experience and I made more money in 2 days than ever before.  I sold lots of tooth fairy pillows,  football team pillows, & other things.  One lady asked me to get a bag down for her that she wanted, it was the purple " skull" drawstring bag I had made.  She didn't really look like the type who really loved skulls, but she wanted that bag.  The next day she returned and said she wanted another bag ( aqua with  flower & giraffe print trim) and asked, Do you have any more bags?? I love bags! I collect bags!"    A young man was with her and he said, " this lady loves bags, she has a whole closet full of bags!"  It was then I realized she was special needs,  I said, "is this your brother?", and she said, " no ,  my nephew".  So I said ,"I  made a lot of the bags  for  Lion's Lair so I sent them into the store.  I had just filled an order for aprons & bags for Lion's Lair last week, and within a week  she  had sold  2 of my 3  "Skull" messenger bags, 3 aprons, 2 place mats, & another bag. She said I was the seller of the week of all her handmade vendors. Whoo Hoo!   The Apple Butter Festival  was a great experience, and I would love to do it again next year. I am now ready to start preparing for the Christmas season.  My next big event is at the Martinsburg Mall for the Holiday Blitz. .  I will be there most weekends in Nov. & Dec. starting Nov. 8 on Fri., Sat, & Sunday, along with a lot of other vendors.  I also have to make some more messenger bags & aprons for Lion's Lair for the season.

Becky's Pillow Shop

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Becky's Pillow Shop will be a vendor at the Apple Butter Festival this weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV!  It is Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 5pm.   I will be located in front of Lion's Lair right on Washington St.  It is on the 2nd block north of Fairfax Street (center of town) .  I just found out last week so don't have time for a longer creative blog, very busy trying to prepare!   Come on out to the festival & enjoy some good music, games, and lots of activities.  Come visit me in front of Lion's Lair.   I have lots of pillows, including NFL teams,  pillow sets, tooth fair pillows, & aprons, bags, new SKULL wristlets, and a lot more of my items are located in the store -Lion's Lair .  Also to see more of my items, go to Becky's Pillow Shop.  Hope to see you at the festival!

Becky Wiggins