Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beach Parties, Block parties & Selfies??

Where has the summer gone? It seems like it just flew by. I have been busy with vendor events and taking care of things for my Dad in his new home. The past two weeks I have been working on custom orders , a total of 13 items, so am thankful I had 2 weeks off with no events, and had plenty of time to do them.  On Monday, I went to a beach birthday party, and had fun watching my friends kids pouring sand on my feet and trying to use my water bottle as a beach toy in the water. Too cute! Yesterday I got a haircut, and then had to run errands. I thought it looked nice and thought about taking a " selfie", ( which I DON'T normally do) .  When I got home, I was trying to carry heavy groceries up the steps, and tripped having my chin land on the sidewalk!  Ouch!   After seeing what I looked with a huge bandaid on my chin, I decided against it!  Lol.
  I just finished an Etsy Back to School sale, and  have several back to school items.  ( Pictured laptop messenger bag (custom order - sold)  Music wristlet, (tablet holder) Laundry bag & soccer backpack.) Check out my  Etsy Shop . There will soon  be more new items!  To check them out:

Since school is starting, I am gearing up  for the busiest time of the year for my business.   I have several vendor events planned from now to the end of the year, but my next one is a Block Party in Winchester on Saturday, Aug. 30.  It is a " Patsy Cline" Block party.  There will be live country music from local bands, craft vendors, concession stands, & people can go and view the Patsy Cline's home for just $5.  See the flyer posted. I just finished an Etsy Back to School sale, and I have several new items in my Etsy Shop and soon will be posting several more!  To check them out:
Stay tuned for  my next blog and I will give a copy of my schedule of vendor events from now until end of the year!