Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Solace in the Lion's Lair

Where did the summer go?  It's the day after Labor Day already, and unfortunately, for me it wasn't much of a relaxing summer.  It started in June right before Father's Day,  when my Dad fell and ended up in the hospital.  He is 87 years old, can't cook, and really was not able to take care of himself, so he had no business living alone, but what can you do with a very stubborn 87 year old man who needs to be in control?  He wouldn't listen to his family.  When he got to the hospital, his landlord told him he couldn't go back to his apartment.  He was taken to a nursing home a few days later, and standard procedure is to apply for medicaid even if you don't qualify. My Mom gets things mixed up, and doesn't remember things well, and I knew that it was up to me to take care of things. As it turned out the deadline for Medicaid application was the same day as the deadline for getting everything out of my Dad's apartment and having it clean! It just so happened that I had planned a Yard Sale the week before.  I had already advertised,  but I should have cancelled it anyway, because as it turned out I didn't sell much, and didn't have enough help to get everything back inside. MORE STRESS!!!  Needless to say, the next day I stayed in my pj's all day and did absolutely nothing but chill out. 

   The HIPA laws made it impossible for me to get any info. for the Medicaid app. without his permission, and getting his cooperation was like pulling teeth.  We soon found out that he was only going to be in the nursing home for rehab., and then he had nowhere to go.  MORE STRESS!!   Actually most  of the stress was not caused by the things I had to do, but the drama it created with both parents .

As stressful as this was, for about almost 6 weeks, I knew that I had to get away and go somewhere, but where??  I needed a big SPA day, somewhere near the mountains, or near the water, a full body massage, anything to help me to RELAX!  So, then I thought of the perfect place, wasn't even far away, but far enough that my phone wouldn't work where I was so NO ONE could call me!!  I went to Berkeley Springs, WV & stayed at the Cacapon Resort.  Wow, couldn't have gone to a better place- I had the mountains, the lake, and I got a Roman mineral bath and a massage at Berkeley Springs State Park.  It was great, and I thought , while I am there I should take some of my handmade items  from Becky's Pillow Shop and see if I can find any stores that might be willing to sell them. I hadn't been able to do much sewing or selling this summer and I really needed to sell some things.  Well, guess what?  I found one.  The owner of The Lion's Lair said, I really like your designs, but I need more modern, retro type fabrics. So, I got started right away, gathering fabrics I already had, and got her approval, buying new ones that she wanted & began to sew, sew, sew.  On August 22, I  sold her an order of 26 items!!    I have a couple displays in the store, a bag in the front window,  and she has sold a few items already!  I am so excited! 

Oh, yeah, and as for that Yard Sale-  Well, I am having another one this weekend. Fri- Sat. ( Sept 6-7) at my house.  612 Albert St, Martinsburg 8am - ? both days.   So come on out and check it out!!  You can check out my event page on facebook to see detailed listings, and some pics & prices!!  The link is:

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