Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Craft & Yard Sale

My friend and I both have small business where we make craft items. Her business is Glamorize Accessorize.  She make hair accessories, headbands, flower clips, and baby hats & also sells tutus, bloomers baby shoes.   A couple weeks ago we decided to have our own Craft/Yard Sale. I have done yard sales before , but not and combination craft & yard sale, and never realized how much more work is involved!    Also, little  did I know that I would have a family situation come up on top of it.  My Dad was hospitalized last week, and then transferred to a nursing home this week.( This was not a bad thing because it's been a long time in coming!)  He won't be going back where he was residing, so I was able to find a lot more items to sell, mainly his clothes.  Unfortunately, his home health aide hadn't done his laundry in a while, and he was getting low on clean shirts, so I started on his laundry. Nine loads of laundry later, and I haven't finished, I have counted  50+ button down shirts, and probably 15 pullovers, and that isn't counting the 20 T-shirts, and  about  15  sweaters!! So there will be lots of small size shirts 38/40 chest, 15 collar, and lots of sport jackets, & dress pants ( 34/32)  & ties for sale!

Becky's pillow shop will have:
throw pillows, - floral, zebra print, toucan, country, patchwork, Americana, ( Kids pillows- Transformers, doggy , Tooth fairy pillows, Pillow Sets, heart shaped, Ravens, & Redskins.

Also, Aprons( toddler, children, adult) , table runners, small pouches, small drawstring bags for $1, coasters, placemats, baby bibs, handbags, totes, beach bag, laundry bag, bean bags, & rice bags for $1.

Yard Sale items, include:
HP Router- like new  ( used only 3 days) - $30
Vintage wedding dress  &veil ( 80's handmade) $75
Household items, tools, toys, clothes, kids & women also, record album, lamps, decorative flags, knick knacks, tools, Thirty-one items, & much more.

So come on out to the Craft & Yard sale on Saturday- June 22, 612 Albert St. & check it out.  8am - ??

To see more items, and pictures, go to

Hope to see you there!!

Becky's Pillow Shop

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