Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Arm in a sling, Marketplace & Elle's Niche

Greeting from Becky's Pillow Shop!  I apologize for my disappearance for the last several months, but I've had a major case of writer's block due to some health issues.  In February, I fell and broke my shoulder and was in a sling for 8 weeks, and couldn't sew anything.  That's not all I " Couldn't DO" !  I couldn't  drive, do laundry, or even wash my hair without help! My left handed writing left a lot to be desired too!   It's pretty humiliating when you have to have help for bathing and tying your shoes!   On top of the broken shoulder I have had some other health issues going on, and just didn't feel like writing.  I have been in  Physical Therapy for 2 months. Unfortunately, I have what they call " frozen shoulder"so it's taking a long time.   Although, it is finally showing some improvement!

The good news is I am back in full swing with my business.  I have some new ventures since I last wrote.  I have my items in 2 brick and mortar stores now.  The first one happened back in April, and there is a group of craft vendors renting a booth at the " Marketplace in Sharpsburg" Maryland.
 My pillows, bags, aprons along with some other vendors items are pictured here.

Then, the real exciting news is that there is a new store in Charles Town called " Elle's Niche" which has all handmade items, and I am one of the artisans!  See pictures below! I made the small cosmetic bags,  tooth fairy pillows, small signature soap drawstring bags, aprons, laundry bags (on the tub) messenger bags, and a couple of nautical bags in the nautical display! The store is located in Charles Town at 103 West Liberty Street and has about 18 different artisans so far!  You can find home made soaps, signs, paintings, home decor items, dolls, baby quilts, & much more so if you are near by come check it out!


 My next show is this Saturday, June 27, at Morgan Grove Farmer's Market in Shepherdstown and I am excited about my new " flour sack towel aprons, July 4th pillow covers, new cosmetic bags.  I will also have tooth fairy pillows, pouches, beach bags, totes, & kids aprons & pillows!  Shepherdstown is having their big " Streetfest" festival on Saturday also.   So if you are in the area on Saturday, come check it out. The farmers' market is a little outside of town down past the Morgan Grove Park.

Purcellville Town Market on June 13 

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