Monday, January 19, 2015

New Tools & Clearance Sales

This year, I have been slow to get back to work, but trying to take a small break after a very busy Christmas season! Yet I am excited about the New Year and New tools I now have for my business!   I am working on getting my shop ready for the new year, doing inventory of supplies & merchandise.  I am also starting to learn a NEW bookkeeping program, which is going to be quite a challenge, since bookkeeping isn't my forte! Ha !  I have been learning how to use my NEW sewing machine, however there so much I don't know so am going to start classes on Wednesday.   I also got a NEW phone on January 1st. 

I am also trying to do some clearance in my shop so I have reduced the prices of all pillows on my website. Click here:  Check out your favorite team pillows, kids  pillows, & more.  Great prices as low as $6.00!   

I  have a few Valentine items in my Etsy shop including heart shaped pillows!  You can click here to see my selection.


Also, I have a whole section of clearance items in my Etsy shop.   Totes, pillows, Christmas items, & aprons all on sale.


 Stay tuned for more news about what is in store for my business this year. 


Juli Monroe said...

Some nice pillows there. Unfortunately, my dog thinks pillows are toys, so we have to be careful what we get. I think she'd like most of those. :)

Michelle Winters said...

Ohh . . . my kids loved the pillows and aprons I got them for Christmas, I may have to get that purple pillow for my daughter!

And Juli - my dogs think pillows are toys too - We don't let the dogs in the kids rooms because they'd find all sorts of things in there that they would think are toys!!

Joanne McAlpine said...

Congrats on the busy Christmas season. January is a good month to take a break, nothing really going on.

Susan Scheiffley said...

Nice! I will check out your etsy store.