Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Open House is this Weekend! Nov. 21-23

           Christmas Open House is Fri, Sat, & Sunday
           612 Albert St, Martinsburg, WV
            Friday - 1pm-7pm    Saturday 10am-7pm  &                               Sunday     1pm-7pm 

   Door Prizes,  Food, Special Sales & more.

 Spend $25 and get 25% off 1 item.   $2 off all tote bags  Get a gift bag & paper for $1 with purchase or Free with $20 or more. Clearance Sale table 

          To see a detailed list and more pictures go to my Facebook event page. 

I'm really getting excited about my Open House this weekend.  I am sharing a few new items I just made.  Frozen tote bag,  Bible tote bag, table runners, reversible place mats Toddler aprons,  wristlets, drawstring bags, pouches, wallets, backpacks & more. So come on by and check it out.  I've extended the hours this year so I hope to see you there!



Juli Monroe said...

I bet you make a killing on those toddler aprons. When my son was small, he loved to help out in the kitchen, and he had a toy kitchen in our dining room so he could be cooking "just like Mommy." Good thing he doesn't follow me around online. He'd probably be horrified to see me talk about him like this. ")

Becky Wiggins said...

LOL! I bet he would! The Toddler aprons are a big hit. I have 17 of them made now I think! I sell them wholesale at Lion's Lair in Berkeley Spring, WV and she sells them pretty quickly also. :)

Virginia Colin said...

What is a wristlet?

Becky Wiggins said...

A wristlet is like a small clutch wallet with a handle on it to carry on your wrist. You can get some that are just keychains with the handle, but I make mine like a large pouch.