Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Apple Butter, My Newest Line & Celebrity Status??

This past weekend I was a vendor at the Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs .  I was located right outside of Lion's Lair Unique Gift Store.  You can find some of my aprons & bags in there.   I set up with my friend Michelle from Shepherdstown, WV who makes homemade soap. My Wild Rose Soap  is the name of her company.  I covered for her on Saturday and a friend from Martinsburg came and helped me.   The weather could have been better but at least it wasn't pouring down rain.  On Saturday, I was freezing, Sunday was better with the sun out but then got cold again.  I sold lots of small tooth fairy pillows and here is my newest " Spanish" one. It will be available on Etsy soon!  Though it was supposed to be a " cowboy" pillow, it ended up looking like e the Frito Bandito so I decided to make it a Spanish Tooth Fairy pillow!   Some of you are too young to remember what the Frito Bandito was, but a commercial from a long time ago. Uh oh, telling my age now.  Ha!

On Sunday, a lady came by and said she was a reporter from the local paper and asked to take my picture. Today I received a message from Lion's Lair employee that it was in the paper!!
It's a little fuzzy, but that's about as good as I can make it since  it was emailed to me from a picture someone took.  When Michelle & I decided to set up together she suggested that I make some cosmetic bags for her soap, so I made several and that's my newest line item!   
I have a few of the cosmetic bags on Etsy so you can check them out at      


Joanne McAlpine said...

Congrats on the travel bags, a nice addition to your line. And cooooollll in the paper, congrats on that too. You've been busy.

Michelle Winters said...

How cool to be in the paper! Congrats! And I love the new travel bags - great idea, especially going along with someone else's product.