Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Famous Singers & Nice Surprises

On Saturday, I had a great time at the Patsy Cline Block Party!  It started off with the Elvis Impersonator who had a great voice, though he was kind of short and his hips  just didn't move like Elvis's.   He did a wonderful job on How Great Thou Art, and I got a short video of Burning Love, however, it was taking to long to download.
 I saw a couple of my friends there from my church, and later on was waving to one who was standing on the corner, but she didn't see me, and two other people walking up the hill waved.  I thought I wasn't waving at them, but when I looked it was my best friend from childhood and her Mom.  We were best friends from 5th grade all the way through High School!  I couldn't believe it .  I was so excited to see them.  She had read my blog so knew I was going to be there, and decided to come.  It was a very nice surprise!!  

The Patsy Cline Block Party had local music for 2 hours, some really great singers.  They also had the Patsy Cline official singer who is in the middle in the pink shirt.  Jimmy Fortune made an appearance also, and I got a quick snapshot of him and Patsy Cline's husband as they walked by my booth!  There was a concert that night with Jimmy Fortune and another group at the park.   

My next event is Saturday at the Purcellville Town Market.  I am looking forward to that and have a special going on - spend $25 and get 1 item for half price!   I will be featuring new aprons,  kids pillows, music pillows, & lots of football pillows with football season starting.   To check out my Etsy Shop:  go to 


Lori Krause said...

Your booth looks great. The Elvis impersonator may not have been quite tall enough, but he looks good! :)

So great that your friend found you through your blog.

Lori Krause said...
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Becky Wiggins said...

Thanks Lori!