Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skull Bags, Repurposed skirts, & Earth Day Celebration

This Saturday, I am very excited about the Earth Day Celebration Event.  This is from 12pm-9pm at Morgon Grove Park in Shepherdstown, WV.  I have been very busy working making some brand new items. See the laptop messenger Skull bag and tote pictured here. I have especially been concentrating on Recycled/Repurposed items!  I have been having fun making bags, and pillows from skirts, pillow cases, table cloths, & place mats.  I have aprons made from men's shirts & blue jeans, &  a skirt.  Check out the pictures below.
Upcycled Skirts, Black purse, Denim shoulder bag, tote, & half apron. (The 2 denim bags are from the same skirt. :) ) 
Pastel bag- great for crafts, knitting (upcycled placemat) Reversible bag ( upcycled table cloth & scrap fabric) 

Upcycled pillow cases & shams-  Red/green produce bag,  pink laundry bag, &  blue/purple handbag. 
Aprons upcycled from men's shirts 
Pillow made  from a denim skirt
Upcycled blue jeans- girls shoulder bag, tote, & bandana toddler apron

Hope to see you there on Saturday. It should be a lot of fun!  To see more of my items go to :
For more information and details about the Earth Day celebration go to:


Lori Krause said...

The denim items are particularly cute. I bet they will sell really well!

Michelle Winters said...

I love that you are re-purposing items like a denim skirt!

I bet you will have a great time on Saturday.

Juli Monroe said...

The skull bags are great. I pinned the messenger bag on Pinterest.

dena liston said...

love the upcycled stuff. see ya sat and i hope we have a great day of fun, sun and sales!

Becky Wiggins said...


Becky Wiggins said...

Thanks so much!

Becky Wiggins said...

Thanks. Their are actually 2 items made out of 1 denim skirt! The two bags on the left, Skirt shoulder bag, and tote with the big pockets! It was a long skirt that I bought for $1, only it was 50% off day, so I got 2 for $1.00, the pillow is the other skirt!

Becky Wiggins said...

Yeah, me too!