Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Becky's "NEW" Pillow Shop


I am so excited to have a new "Shop" in my home.  This room is large enough for me to display most of my items, have a large work table, a sewing area, storage of all my fabric & supplies, and office with my computer, printer & filing cabinet!!  Check out the photos below. My friends are moving the furniture.  
I have an L-Shaped desk for sewing and storing supplies. 
I have a large banquet table used as a work space, for cutting fabric, and taking pictures.

I have my office area with my computer, printer & filing cabinet.
 My dining room hutch makes a great display area and storage in the bottom part.
I have some shelves for pillows, coat tree for bags, and manikin for aprons & scarves.

I  am also using the large closet and linen closet for fabric, and other supplies. I love my new room and am so happy I gave up my large bedroom.  I hope to have an Open House in the spring, if it ever arrives!
 I am having 20% off  everything through March 20.  Just use coupon code  WINTERCLEARANCE2014 at checkout!


Michelle Winters said...

That is great! I need to organize my office so I stop working on my couch!

Becky Wiggins said...

Thanks, I am loving it, and wished I had done it a couple years ago!

Lauren @ DC Healthy Bites said...

I SO wish I had my own designated work room! All my projects have overtaken my back bedroom. Fortunately I don't get a lot of visitors! :) Enjoy you're new space!

Joanne McAlpine said...

Congrats! I always think wouldn't it be nice like in the old days where you had a shop out of your home. Nowadays so many people are in home associations that do not allow it. Congrats again.

Becky Wiggins said...

I'm not in an association but if I were to make it an actual shop, I would have to go through the city, pay taxes, and still may not meet qualifications, etc. But, at least now when I have an open house most everything is displayed except aprons & scarves which are hanging in the closet. :)

Becky Wiggins said...

I don't either, but I couldn't stand having business related stuff in 5 rooms of my house, (only excluding kitchen & 2 baths- LOL) and when I was working on projects they ended up scattered everywhere. Now I can keep the mess in one room, and the rest of my house much neater!

dena liston said...

wow what a great space to work in!

Becky Wiggins said...

Thanks, it's been much needed for a while now.