Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Handmade Valentine Gifts

 So what are you getting for your Valentines this year??  Chocolates? Jewelry? Stuffed animal?  What do you plan to wrap them in?   A paper bag? clear plastic? or wrapping paper that will just get thrown away eventually??  How about a handmade "cloth" Valentine's gift bag?   I asked the question on my FB page which do you prefer, paper or cloth and I had about 8 responses, and they all said cloth!  One lady said it's like getting 2 gifts in one!   With a cloth bag, you can re-use it for something else later.  Someone else said it was " greener" because you aren't using plastic or paper that will just end up in a landfill.

I have several "handmade" gift bags ( all sizes)  pictured above with my display for the Valentine's Day vendor event at Martinsburg Mall February 7-9. Some of the bags are made from Valentine T-towels ( on far right and far left.)  Some of them are smaller and would be great to put candy in for kids. I have polka dotted, Valentine fabric, & "Owl Be Yours" fabric bags.  In the middle is the toddler apron- "Owl Be Yours".   The  "Owl Be Yours" aprons- (Mother & toddler) have been listed as  favorites and put in the " treasury list" on Etsy.   Yesterday, I had 23 favorites!  Very exciting.   The black, pink, red & white heart shape pillow was also placed in a Treasury.  Also listed in my Etsy store are 2 girls Valentine handbags.       The Valentine items above are also  listed.  Soon I will also have a " cupcake Valentine apron- matching Mom/Toddler.   Right now,I am have a 10% off Sale on $10 sales -but ends on January 31! Check out the link below.

I am also excited to announce my new line of Infinity scarves. Stay tuned for more to be added to my Etsy Store  store soon!

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Joanne McAlpine said...

I love all the red and pink :) and these scarfs are all the rage with my kids

Becky Wiggins said...

Thank you! I have a couple more scarves that I made,but they aren't Valentines colors. I will be posting soon.

Hafsa said...

What lovely fabric prints!

(From AAA Cafe Daily :))

Becky Wiggins said...